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My Global Travel – Best Guided Tours Around the World!

Welcome to My GLobal Travel!


If you love traveling and feel the need to explore faraway places – those foreign cities, towns, villages, islands, trails, natural wonders and different ways of life you’ve never seen or experienced before – but worry about where to go and what to see when you arrive, then consider My Global Travel your home.

It’s the first stop in your journey in experiencing this big, magical world. It’s your vacation – so why not get the most out of it? And why should you do it alone, with no game plan or understanding of the location?

My Global Travel helps you, the eager traveler, find a helpful, knowledgeable and dependable tour guide before you ever arrive at a location – in just about every desirable location in the world!

It’s a simple process: once you’ve determined your destination, or series of destinations, My Global Travel puts you in contact with what are our Global Locals – entrusted individuals, experienced tour guides and good, honest people living in a specific area who are more than thrilled to show you their hometowns, their way of life, their customs and traditions, and what it is that makes each place an exciting adventure in and of itself.

And not only are we looking out for the traveler’s best interest, My Global Travel is endlessly searching for the best, most experienced and eager tour guides out there. It could very well be the part-time job of your dreams, as you earn a few extra bucks helping others explore what you know best: your own hometown, city or neighborhood.

Here, you can browse available private tours that are available in whatever city or region you’re seeing next, or you can explore exactly how to become a city guide – so just register and become part of My Global Travel community today!

Cheers to good and safe travels!

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