Become a Tour Guide with Us

Tour Guide Jobs Around the World!

  1. Do you want to get paid to show travelers around your own hometown?
  2. Are you dependable, honest, hardworking and helpful?
  3. Do you speak foreign languages, have traveling experience, and enjoy learning and sharing the history of your area?
  4. Do you enjoy being around people and the idea of taking them on a fun-filled adventure?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, it sounds like My Global Travel is the place for you.

Our Global Locals, our hired tour guides, are our most entrusted individuals: good, honest people living in a specific area or region who are eager to show out-of-towners their hometowns, way of life, customs and traditions, and what can make for an exciting adventure for any traveler.

Just fill out the application form below, and prepare yourself to meet new people from other countries!

We are looking for active, outgoing people who enjoy adventure; our guides know basic historical facts about their own location (whether it be a sprawling metropolis or a deserted island), are personal and friendly, dependable, knowledgeable, and, of course, FUN!

Learn how to become a tour guide here.

Why should you work with My Global Travel as a private guide?

Accepted applicants create a personal profile where you can share your proficiency in a foreign language, certifications you’ve acquired or any other pertinent information you’d like our travelers to know about you before they pick a guide for their escorted tour. Tour guides are booked automatically, so the work starts when you meat your visitors.

Just create an eye-catching profile, and be on the lookout for notifications from potential visitors!

Payments are processed by our secure system, and released 24 hours after the tour is completed to the satisfaction of our clients and staff. We offer numerous payment methods for you to choose from.


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