Guided European Tours


Book your escorted, European tour by the end of May to receive a special discount if you travel this summer (June to August 2013)!

Guided European Tours

Have you been to the Roman Baths in England? Or seen the wonderfully painted ceilings of the Vatican City’s Sistine Chapel?
What about the Eiffel Tower, the enchanting, glorious gardens, statues and museums and exquisite cafés of Paris? Have you walked the busy streets of Berlin at night when all the lights of the city make it come alive?

Whether you are looking for exquisite escorted Italy tours or historic Israel private tours, we will help you plan the best European vacation you’ve ever had. You can choose among hundreds of experienced local tour guides who will show you the famous elegant European architecture, introduce you to local foods and wines and give a historic overview of cities and towns.


My Global Travel ensures that you don’t have to do these things alone, unprepared and especially haphazardly. We don’t want you resorting to some guidebook written a hundred years ago for a good experience, especially during vacation. No, we make it our personal job to help you take in every enjoyable element of your vacation – no matter the location, time of year, your budget and time limitations. In each desirable location and region you visit, we employ a dutiful, local tour guide ready to make your experience the adventure of a lifetime.

With My Global Travel, you can choose from among the many hundreds of experienced local tour guides we offer, those who will point out what most out-of-towners will overlooking, and teach you the most interesting facts and histories of their hometown, as well as some of the finest dining and attractions and hotspots that hardly any outsider ever gets to experience.

These guides, our Global Locals – as we call them –, not only show you what everybody else sees, like the famous architecture in the city, or the traditional hotspots. Our guides leave you feeling, thinking, even living, like the locals.

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Browse popular European destinations:
London, Paris, Vatican, Berlin, Moscow, Prague, St. Petersburg, Luxembourg, Kyiv, Dublin…


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