Find a Guided Tour

Guided Tours in Every Corner of the World!

My Global Travel offers guided tours all over the world, in some of its largest, most exciting cities, as well some of the more quaint or homey villages and towns far away from the busy city life.

It is the job of our professional tour guides to make sure you feel at home in any and every corner of the world, when are farthest from your own home and way of life. We ensure that our guides keep you as safe as possible, while catering the experience to what you, the traveler, have in mind.

Feel free to browse the private tours that My Global Travel offers to find the one nearest your point of interest, one close to the location you will be soon be experiencing. Whether you’re traveling to a large city in the United States for the first time, or returning to a quaint European town you only saw only briefly without really getting the true experience, My Global Travel can help turn every vacation into the trip of a lifetime.

Here’s how you can book a private tour:

    Browse destinations
    Browse available tour guides
    Select your travel dates
    Contact a specific tour guide for preliminary questions or to even just make sure they’re the right fit for you
    Reserve a private tour guide
    Make your payment

Once you complete the aforementioned, you will receive an email confirmation. Then, pack your bags – and don’t forget to bring an open mind, your passport, your confirmation and a positive attitude with you on your trip.

My Global Travel ensures you a safe, fun-filled adventure while in the company of your chosen Global Local. After each tour (or series of tours in a specific location), you will be asked to evaluate the experience and the effort and quality of your tour guide.

Select your destination here.
Select your dates here.


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