Guided US Tours

Guided Tours in the United States

Looking to visit the Big Apple but don’t know where to start? Would you know how to blend in, avoid pickpockets, and get the best bang for your buck? Book a private New York city guide on My Global Travel! Our professional tour guides will show you Times Square and the Empire State Building, help you buy tickets to a Broadway show, walk with you around Central Park and so much more!


In Los Angeles would you know which neighborhoods to keep away from, or where in the Sunshine State you could live, dine and blend in like a Californian? A Los Angeles tour guide will show you the famous Walk of Fame and Hollywood, and a San Francisco city guide will take you on a famous tram ride about downtown. Whatever your travel plans are, My Global Travel will help you plan the most exciting trip ever.

There’s a lot more to America than shown in the movies. Like small, quaint towns no one’s ever heard of, or cafés and restaurants in large cities that only the locals visit – or even the history of certain places that never showed up in the history books.

At My Global Travel, our guides can meet you in Times Square, get you the cheapest tickets to a Disney World show, even take you right to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame without you having to ask strangers for directions. Our entrusted, self-proven Global Locals, our employed private tour guides in a certain area, make it their job to show eager out-of-towners their hometowns, way of life, customs and traditions, and what can make for an exciting vacation for any traveler.

It is the job of our professional tour guides to make sure you feel at home in the United States, regardless of where you are, when are farthest from home. We ensure you that our guides keep you safe and out of trouble while catering the experience to what you, the traveler, have in mind.

Browse our collection of US tours by locals here and book your private tour today at My Global Travel!

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Popular US destinations:
New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Disneyland, Disney World, Seattle…


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